Алексей Фукс (afuchs) wrote,
Алексей Фукс

At sea with a multiphasic poem

Shake me said the poem
For my phases fell out
Ever so slow: uncoupled.
I took it and things
I shook it splattered on the floor
I shook and things splattered on the floor
But it said oh I feel better now
I'll lay me down for awhile
So it lay down on earth and lo! sprouted
What wings they were
Crunchy but also juicy
And what smell and odour!
That's when people came
August gentlemen and ladies not less
All festive and felicitously clad
Respectably bespectacled
Menschen of the first order
They took those wings
And sucked on those bones
They rejoiced and had a beautiful majestic togetherness
An orgy marvellous to behold
At that
The poem lifted itself on one elbow
And lifted itself on another elbow
And said I can't see a nipple
I'm gonna have a long glass made
And sail to sea
And it said (for it was an it)
Sail with me
Sail with me
I'm seasick at sea
I can only see
Myself in my glass
I'm half mast
You're my cockswain
You and I afloat
The skies hang low
And we below
Will sail and sell
Conchs along the coast
We'll eat bell peppers and starch
Terrific farts!
I'll be all italics you'll be oh so bold
Till whale comes and eats the starboard
That old bloated whale
That lump of stench on a shore of jelly
Accurséd globule of mold in these uliginous potholed skies (!)
Well well
Imagine that she said (for in sooth it was a she
And it spoke some French)
So then she turns over all the while looking at herself in the mirror
Oh shake me she says
Shake my amalgam
I'm liquid and warm
Slip in and shake me good
And so I wrote.

"I had seen through the phases..."
And so forth.
Tags: engpass

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